Has there been some kind of Chrome error in your Google Chrome web browser? That is not something unique that happened to you. Over time, most Chrome users become victims of various browser-related errors. The main irritants among the errors are the complete browser crash and the instant AW error.

In the first type of error there is a terrible total collapse of the browser. Most of the people cannot even open the web browser. When they try to open it, they get an error message saying: Wow! Google Chrome has crashed. Restart now. ‘However, when rebooting nothing happens. One is left with the recently installed configuration and the bookmarks about to be lost. However, there is a mild instance of this error where the browser opens but cannot function properly. Sometimes it closes or keeps sending annoying error messages.

If you are facing the second type of error, it is advisable to backup all your browser data and sync or save it on your computer’s hard drive. You can save the bookmarks on your computer and then import them into a freshly installed web browser.

The second type of error is also irritating. In that error, the web browser stops displaying web pages all of a sudden. Web pages have to be reloaded many times to wait for them to start working normally. But in some intense cases, this AW Snap error is not fixed by updating the browser.

These two errors can be related to file association problems. File association references are the important components of the registry database in Windows. The Windows registry is a very sensitive area and acts like the brain of the computer, as it stores information about software, hardware, and programs on the computer system.

If a registry error occurs it can seriously affect our computer. Systems can crash, freeze, and crash due to registry errors. Not to mention that the files don’t open properly like the Google Chrome error in our example.

Now the question is how to fix Chrome error easily. You should try to identify the cause first. You will then need to repair the registry to fix this problem.

A registry repair scan, which has the power to fix file association errors, will help you find the solution for the Google Chrome error.

I had suffered from it recently too. I did a lot of scans but nothing worked for me.

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