Connecting With Wi-Fi

A virtual private network is an internet connectivity solution which consists of various systems which work together to provide secure connectivity. This type of solution is different from a WAN or IP connection as it does not need to be attached to any specific internet service provider (ISP). A virtual private network connects two or more hosts through Wide Area Networks (WANs). It offers improved security and flexibility over an existing WAN or IP connection. Thus, a virtual private network allows users to connect to another system even when the system is located at a different location.

A VPN is useful for companies that want to protect corporate and private information. It provides increased security from attacks by hackers as data is isolated on an independent physical machine. In other words, it gives end-users greater control and freedom when it comes to browsing activity on the internet. A virtual private network allows users to access internet resources on another system, even when they are physically present at another location.

There are different ways through which you can create a virtual private network, either through software or through dedicated servers. Most VPN services providers will offer both options for you to choose from. However, the process of setting up a VPN is quite simple and straightforward. Basically, the users are given a unique IP address and the computers on the network use this unique IP address during the browsing session. Hence, all internet traffic that is sent and received by these computers is encrypted and protected from hackers.

Wi-Fi From Your Computer Through a VPN Tunnel

One of the many reasons as to why VPN services have become so popular among businesses today is because it enables their employees to take advantage of certain advantages offered by browsing the internet even while they are traveling or working from another location. For example, an individual who is traveling abroad and wants to check his favourite e-commerce website can do so easily since there would be no fear of his personal information getting compromised. Since an IP address is needed for connection, the user would need to enter this data during login into the website. Hence, even if he were to bring his own Wi-Fi enabled laptop, he would still be able to access his favourite sites and store the data there safely.


If you are planning to use an IP changing software, you can also set up a virtual private network using your desktop computer. All that you would need to do is connect to one of the VPN service provider’s servers using an internet browser. You can then go ahead to launch your favorite online video or sound stream and chat with your friends around the world. To save money, you can also set up a VPN tunnel that allows you to browse the internet using free Wi-Fi hotspots. This way, you would only need to pay for connection expenses when you need to access the internet using your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices.

These days, more people are relying on their mobile devices to stay connected while they are on the move. The ideal way to stay connected when on the go is by going online via a Wi-Fi network especially if you are frequently travelling to different places. With an IP changing software installed in your laptop, you can easily set up a virtual private network through your desktop computer that helps you surf the internet freely even while you are on the move. The convenience of such a solution is definitely a big plus.

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