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Do you know these details about renting student accommodation in Edinburgh?

about renting student accommodation in Edinburgh

Students living in Edinburgh, whether at university or not, are guaranteed to be surrounded by an exciting cultural atmosphere. The city boasts a plethora of amazing restaurants, bars and cafés where you can relax with friends or catch up on some work. Edinburgh’s iconic historical architecture is also a real treat for the eyes and there’s plenty to discover for those who love a good day out shopping or exploring art galleries and museums.

Many student apartments edinburgh choose to live in shared flats to benefit from a lower rental price while having the experience of living in Edinburgh’s beautiful city centre. You’ll usually get to share a kitchen and living room with other flatmates, as well as a bathroom, making it a much cheaper option than renting a studio apartment on your own. When choosing your shared flat, try to pick one close to the city centre so you’ll be able to reach the city and enjoy everything Edinburgh has to offer.

When you book your student accommodation, it’s important to remember that your tenancy will last for 12 months, although you can usually opt to extend your lease at the end of this period. If you are planning to extend your tenancy, you should be sure to check with your landlord and make arrangements as early as possible. You may find that if you wait too long, the best student housing in Edinburgh will be snapped up.

Do you know these details about renting student accommodation in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh student accommodation is highly sought after, particularly in the popular student areas of Fountainbridge and Potterrow. These areas are a short bus ride or walk from all the universities in the city. They are packed with local supermarkets, cafes, pubs and restaurants and the Union Canal is a beautiful area to walk along.

Those who are looking for student homes in the more historic parts of the city can find some fantastic properties, including flats near Holyrood. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops in this part of town, as well as stunning historical buildings to explore. Private student halls provide purpose-built accommodation with a range of amenities such as study areas, communal spaces, and social events. These halls are often located close to university campuses and offer a vibrant student community.

Living away from home can be a significant adjustment for many students. Therefore, student accommodation should foster a supportive community that helps students adapt to their new environment. Accommodation providers can organize social events, workshops, and mentorship programs to encourage interaction among students. Additionally, the presence of on-site staff, such as resident advisors or accommodation managers, can provide guidance and support to students, addressing any concerns they may have.

Some students opt for homestays, where they live with a local family while studying. This option allows for cultural immersion and language practice, but it’s important to find a suitable and trustworthy host family.

Another great area for student accommodation in Edinburgh is Marchmont, south of the city centre. You can find some excellent independent coffee shops and pubs in this neighbourhood, as well as some gorgeous parks and walks. You’ll also be a short bus ride or walk from the city centre, so you can easily catch up with friends and take in the culture of this spectacular Scottish city.

If you’re interested in booking student accommodation in Edinburgh, be sure to apply as soon as you accept your university offer. You can often start the process as early as November, but you should always check with your university to see when their application deadline is. It’s also important to remember that if you don’t find the perfect student home, there is usually a 7-day cooling-off period, so if you change your mind you can cancel your order without incurring any costs. Check the cancellation policies with each provider for more information.


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