Fentanyl Super Pill- How the Pill Industry Is Not Setting the Proper Standard:

Is it possible that the opioid-narcotic combination known as Super Pill in Florida is contributing to the rise in opioid-related deaths? The Sunshine State may be the laboratory of experimentation for another lethal medication. There are pills that have been laced with Fentanyl, a powerful narcotic found on street drugs such as heroin and morphine. This substance is fifty times as strong as morphine and has killed people every day in many states. Why is it that Florida is experimenting with a highly addictive pain killer?

It has been discovered that the combination of pharmaceuticals and heroin makes people extremely susceptible to heroin use. fentanyl pill is simply too much of a good thing. When the dosage gets too high, lethal side effects occur. The problem has gotten so bad in Florida that recently, after investigating how the pills get from a manufacturer to pharmacies, state health officials learned that seven people died this year by overdosing on these super-pills.

Fentanyl Super Pill

The problem of misuse of OxyContin and other opioid narcotics is a significant one. But why is it that Super-Pill in Florida has jumped to that level? The pharmaceutical industry is largely influencing the decisions of doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals. Without their approval, doctors cannot prescribe these powerful pain killers.

Doctors and dentists are pressuring by hospitals and nursing homes to prescribe these powerful drugs without the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration. Those who know about the dangers are not permitted to discuss them with patients. If an elderly patient decides to take a super-pill in Florida, her doctor is liable for discussing the drug with her family. He or she cannot be expected to find out about the side effects from talking to people who do not have experience with the drug. In many cases, families do not realize that their loved one has developed a dependency on these pills until it is too late. When the dependency progresses beyond tolerance, it is too late to provide assistance and the person has died.

How the Pill Industry Is Not Setting the Proper Standard

It is hard to believe that pharmaceutical companies would knowingly allow millions of Floridians to suffer this way. The deaths related to taking super pill in Florida are due to a few individuals taking too much of the drug. They are not the problem when doctors prescribe them. It is the companies that want to profit over people’s lives that will sell this dangerous drug.

There is no reason that people should have to suffer unnecessarily. You should not have to suffer the tragedy of losing your beloved family member due to the overdose of a powerful pain pill. You can help by making sure that your physician is not pressured by the pill industry to prescribe these pills for people who need them. Your physician should always be able to recommend another option for people who cannot take them. Super-Pill in Florida is just one example of how the pill industry is not setting the appropriate standard for prescribing medications.

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