He researched, he talked about it, he consulted the children, he asked the neighbors and even the relatives. Then you went out and bought your puppy, everyone is happy, but now what?

You have to decide where to keep your new pet, what kind of dog house to put it in, and most of all, how much it will cost to build it.

Of course a lot will depend on the type of dog, size and whether it will be an indoor or outdoor pet.

I know how you feel about thisbecause I have had many pets of my own, including goats, and the cost of housing was always a concern.

In calculating construction costs I have considered a few things:

…you already have a saw

…a drill is something you have

…there are some brushes handy in your toolbox

…will use 3/4 inch plywood at $30 for a 4X8 sheet

…for support use 1X2 at about $6 for an 8 foot piece

…the screws will cost about $8

… paint, about $10 – $20

With these items and materials you can build your dog house, now for full costs.

for a small dog

To make a house that is approximately 22″ long X 15″ wide X 20″ tall with a roof, you will need

1 sheet of plywood $30

2 1X2 $12

screws and paint $18

For a total cost of around $60.

This assumes it will be used indoors.

For a medium sized dog.

For pets up to 40lbs, your house size of 42″L X 30″W X 33″H will require

1 1/2 sheets of plywood $45

3 1X2 $18

screws and paint $18

For a total cost of around $80

If you are going to use it outside and want to insulate the house, add about $30 more.

for large dogs

Beyond 40lbs, for large dogs and considering it will be an outside home. For a frame 70″ long X 46″ wide X 60″ tall you will need:

6 sheets of plywood $180

8 1X2 $48

screws $12

paint $25

4 sheets of insulation board $80

total cost of $345

Building a great home for your new pet it is what all pet owners should strive to do. You want the best home, but you also want to keep the cost reasonable. It is always good to have an idea of ​​what type of house you want to build and what the final cost will be. By thinking things through, you will know how much it will cost to build a dog house for your new pet.

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