Blog Network Marketing Topics That Solve A Problem

I see a lot of people blogging about network marketing topics talking about why MLM etc. I would suggest being more specific. Talk about exactly what problems people run into when building their home business that they can relate to. By the way, if you’re curious why you should listen to me, my MLM blog gets around 50,000 visits per month and that’s without paid traffic.

Here are some example topics:

– How to talk to strangers without being annoying

– How to make three-way calls with your upline

– How to overcome the objection that they have no money.

Blog of network marketing topics that help people with their vision. For example, when I blog about why I don’t want to have a job and why jobs suck, people always comment and share that information. That’s a common bond among network marketers, as most of us hate taking orders from other people.

Pay attention to what other people are saying in network marketing as you can find great blogging topics all the time just by looking.

Blog Network Marketing Lists

Lists are always good for an MLM blog. Topics like:

Top 10 reasons why I quit my job

The 5 best ways to close a prospect

Top 10 lines to answer the question “Is it a pyramid?”

People who read things online often have mild ADD and breaking things down into a list will make them read more. Most people like to read in bullets and if you blog network marketing lists, you will get more eyes on your MLM blog.

What doesn’t work for an MLM blog is just talking about your achievements. If you receive award after award, at some point, people get tired of hearing about it. Your readers will like to see where you are traveling and the photos and videos of those places, but they DO NOT want to be inundated with how cool you are. The goal of your blog on network marketing topics is to inspire them to join your team, or to let them know that they can too.

You want to make sure you have a powerful pop-up window on your page to capture the traffic coming to your MLM blog. You’re wasting a ton of money if you’re not building your list, and there are some great tools to help you with this.

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