Most men value women as goddesses. Goddess with unimaginable desirability, dignity, and beauty. However, the problem is that many women do not realize this. They are not aware of their self-esteem. One of the most fundamental things is to accept yourself first: you are the way you are. Don’t try to be someone else. To realize the full potential of your self-esteem, you need to change your thinking and your beliefs. You need a mental image before you become aware of something. One must bring gratitude to what someone already has, and to do that, one must first ask a question: What am I grateful for? Do you see the idea? The more positive thing to think is that it will bring your mind up, the more your mind will work on the positive explanations and help you act on the positive factors.

Here are some important facts to consider when talking to a man.

  1. When leading a discussion, men generally think worst-case scenario. Yes, that’s the way men are connected. Perhaps it is the genes that prepare them for the worst in their survival instincts. I don’t know, but that’s the way it is. If you want to talk about something with him next time, don’t jump on the scene and declare that you want to talk about something. This is a surefire way to send you off in a panic, and you’ll mentally prepare for the worst case scenario. Which is not what you want … is it?
  2. Avoid being too emotional. Again, most men are hardwired to be practical and results-oriented. If you present them with a little more practicality, you will simply lose all attention. Words like future, late, needs, and worry will get you on a tail flip of boredom, as that’s what your mind is on most of the time. Try having a conversation instead as a friend and see how it goes on. If you can listen, he will love you!
  3. Eye contact is almost an alarm and it sounds if you do that with him. This ritual is reserved for people like your mother or your divorce attorney (don’t try this at home). He’ll feel more comfortable talking to you when you’re not making eye contact. How about when he is hugging you lovingly from behind the spoon or when you are reading something or maybe he is? In any case, when he’s in a fiery embrace, he’s less protective of himself and is only thinking about you.
  4. Don’t ask him what he’s thinking. Yes, he does not have a mind like you, who just thinks about anything all the time. Like it or not, many men may not be thinking about anything and just love staring at zero (surprising but true). You can turn this around completely if you ask him what he’s doing or just watch him do something and strike up a conversation. In general, men like friendly conversations, and the more you do that with them, the more access you will have on their mind.
  5. Don’t ask him where he was or where he’s going. Yeah yeah I know you’re like, why not? And trust me, this is the biggest turnoff for men. Asking where a man is going is almost like asking him about his engagement, Wow! The more you do that, the more he will tend to be openly reserved and uncompromising. You will see that you are invading your independence that was gifted to you by the gods!

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