The power derived from going through the pregnancy process allows many women to see, feel and sense how important their presence is to their child. Her optimal development depends on it and she knows it. Mothers play an important role in a child’s development emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and to the extent possible, this is best served if the mother can stay at home with her baby. New mothers discover why lion moms are so proudly devoted to their babies.

However, staying home may not be an option for single mothers, widows, or couples with a high debt ratio, and I honor their compelling need to work. But for those moms who can stay home, their babies benefit.

The strength of the call to motherhood

Once you have experienced it, the task of motherhood becomes non-negotiable. You foster dreams for your child’s success and recognize that it is your very presence that will help him develop his character, his personality, his abilities, and his success. You realize that your encouragement is the ultimate ultimate encouragement; that your love is the sweetest food I could receive. You have a strong desire to heed this sacred calling and be home with your baby to make it happen.

Spread love to encompass all

But before fostering a sense of love for his child or children, there was the love he fostered for his dad. You and your husband had a dream of a full life. You fostered a dream about what it would take to enjoy that life: where you would live; how would you have children; how would you raise them together; How would you educate them? More often than not, these dreams were designed together and included both of you earning income to make them come true. When that baby is born, those dreams don’t seem to have the same importance as before. You simply want to love that child and be with him.

It might be time for a little practicality. Yes, there is love and raising a child, and yes, there are still those dreams of each other. Wouldn’t you like to continue contributing in some way to the realization of those dreams? And wouldn’t it be splendid if you could do that and stay home with the baby? If you have the desire, there must be a way and it is you who must find it and enjoy it.

Tips for Looking for MLM Opportunities

I’ve found that one of the best opportunities for stay-at-home moms is the business model known as network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM). The Internet is a rich and wonderfully efficient resource to help you discover an MLM opportunity. that would be appropriate for your circumstances.

Here is a criteria checklist to help you as you research the various companies. Feel free to add more of your own.

* Highly marketable product?
* Good track record?
* High ethical standards?
* Provide Training?
* Low investment?
* I love the idea!
* Financial bonus plan?
* Provide business plan?
* Provide marketing plan?
* Full time or part time?

Work in a Law of Attraction MLM Job

Network marketing opportunities are a rich environment in which to use the Law of Attraction to create precisely what you want in a job. Here are some sentences started for you. By filling in the blanks, you can make these ideas a great blueprint for you to think about and attract the perfect MLM opportunity to you. I completed the first one as an example for you.

I am an innovative thinker.

I am a

I inspire people by

I encourage people to

When I talk to people, I tell them

i’m attractive

I’m winning

I am living in

my body is

spiritually i

Feel free to create a more complete picture of who you are, what you want, how you would like your life to be, and what your vision is. I would love nothing more than you would create the life you would love to live. It is my strong desire to be part of that inspiration.

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