Storage in some kitchens can be a problem. Things get in the way and there is no room for food. You go to the store and come home and you can’t find a place to put the food you just bought. This can be very frustrating. You just don’t know what to do.

Look around the kitchen. Look for. Is there space on the ceiling? A great way to store pots and pans is on a rack. This shelf can be made of metal, wood, wire or any product that suits your kitchen decor. These can be found at home repair stores, kitchen stores, or discount stores. You can even use things from your house for this. The most common are old doors. These are beautiful delivered from the ceiling. Next, add an “S” shaped hook to hand over the pot. They are now out of the cupboards and off the counter. Pots don’t have to be brass or fancy. They look better when clean, but that will be up to you.

Another good way to store things are the small hooks. You can place them at the bottom of a shelf in a cabinet, sideboard, or wall shelf. Hang your coffee and tea cups on these little hooks. You bought the mug because you liked it. It is a follower of a trip or show, the cup of tea was nice. Show them on the little hooks. This will clear space in the cabinet to store more food.

Your dishes can be displayed in many ways like this. We buy the dishes that we find beautiful, then we put them in a cupboard and hide them. Show them and enjoy them. Give the cabinet space for the things you don’t want to look at. Things that are not part of the decoration, they are just part of life.

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