Making gold with the Fishing profession in Cataclysm is done in the same way that it was required to make gold in Wrath of the Lich King, as players will still have to fish.

While the name and the areas in which they are found are completely different, it is still necessary to remove the fish that will not be necessary. To find out if it will be needed, just head over to the cooking coach and see the high-end recipes that are likely to be used and what fish is needed.

Not all high-end cooking recipes call for fish and players will want to avoid farming for recipes that won’t be used frequently. Most players like to have stamina or crit or some kind of stat when raiding, make sure the stat food chosen for fishing is the one that will be used.

They have other uses besides cooking, alchemy also has a use for them. Be sure to get the information to determine what they are.

However, for the most part, the most important ingredients for starting Cataclysm will be those used to cook to the level.

There are four main fish that will be used in leveling fishing: Striped Lurker, Highland Guppy, Algaefin Rockfish, and Deepsea Sagefish.

The best place to grow all of that is in Twilight Highlands, the one-stop-shop for level fishing. Keep in mind that without great skill and skill-increasing modifications such as lures and fishing rods, it is extremely difficult to catch something in this area. To get a catch rate close to 100% with no unsuccessful attempts, a player must have as high a skill level as possible above 600.

The striped stalker and the highland guppy can be fished in the inland waters of the Twilight Highlands. Seaweed rockfish and deep-sea sagefish can be fished in the coastal regions of the Twilight Highlands.

Sell ‚Äč‚Äčthose 4 things at the auction house or advertise in the trade chat that players can level their kitchen with them.

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