There was a time when it took a lot more than a coffee pot to get excited. Those days came back when my dreams included fancy cars, big houses, and luxuries most could only imagine. Then something happened and I realized that happiness comes with relationships that fill your heart, and I recognized the coffee maker as the best relationship device.

Hot chocolate and tea –

Hot water flows through my coffee maker on cold winter nights to make the most delicious hot chocolate or spiced tea. You are ready and waiting to create a pitcher full of hot water for such delicious treats.

Preparation of morning coffee –

Mr. Coffee makes a delicious juice timer to wake you up early in the morning, with my favorite blend of coffee ready for breakfast. I love the punctuality of a good cup of coffee, which sends decadent aromas throughout the house.

Specialty Coffee Delights –

Whether the treat is specialty coffee in my cup, topped with whipped cream, delicious syrups, and creamer or cafeteria salts on top, or extra-strong coffee to spice up brownies, chocolate cake, or cookies in the oven, my coffeemaker serves a spectacular variety of specialties. In fact, I think I’ll keep my coffee pot.

Dedicating an entire shelf in the kitchen to my coffee pot, dressings, and treats that go with the hot brew wasn’t really a decision we made while we were awake. Most likely, it was an event that simply happened over time and resulted in a shelf being filled with the needs, requirements, and pleasures of coffee.

Seasonal preferences determine what flavors are available in the coffee cabinet, but there are some that never change. Always, mocha is on the shelf in syrup, powder, and coffee form to fill our chocolate cravings. When spring rolls around the toppings are lightened to include a little cinnamon, a little vanilla and maybe a little hazelnut, then summer comes and most of the time our coffee is whipped into sparkling oblivion with the blender and ice cubes. Fall brings pumpkin pie spice, caramel, and comforting amaretto … but I think winter is my favorite season. This is the moment when peppermint, cinnamon and sugar sprinkles, nutmeg, eggnog, salted caramel, and all those decadent coffee sticks fill the counter around my coffee pot. Stacks of cookies fill my lazy Susan and decorate plates on the table and anywhere near the coffee pot counter.

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