I first saw a Murphy bed desk while traveling in Europe.

Some friends I have in Poland invited me to their house, and I saw the desk, but I didn’t even realize there was a bed behind it!

A desk with a folding bed makes double use of the available space

The main use of a Murphy bed desk is to use the space available for a desk and a bed.

In Europe, space is particularly limited. Apartments can be quite small, and making full use of the available space is why Ikea has become so popular. Ikea offers items that save space and are practical.

My friends in Poland, for example, live in a one-room apartment. There is a small kitchen, a bathroom and a living room that functions as a study, bedroom, dining room and living room. Since space is limited, everything in the apartment must serve a useful purpose.

Hence the need for a bed and desk combination.

What does a desk with a folding bed look like?

The desk looks like a typical study area attached to a large closet / bookcase. The cabinet houses the double bed. When it’s time to sleep, the desk swivels down from the cabinet and the cabinet wall drops, revealing the mattress.

Best of all, with many Murphy bed desks, it is not necessary to remove all items from the desk – the desk simply swivels down under the bed so that everything on the desk stays in place.

It is ingenious! When the bed is folded in the closet, no one would ever know it is there.

The hidden bed and desk idea is great to avoid that awkward “I entertain myself in my room” atmosphere.

Does a folding bed desk require a carpenter to install it?

Not at all. If you or a friend are handy with simple tools, you can install your hidden bed / desk unit.

Usually the bed is mounted on the floor and the cabinet on the wall, so if you can drill a few holes and follow simple instructions, you will be able to install the bed and cabinet yourself.

How much does a desk with a folding bed cost?

You can buy the full bed / desk combination for as little as $ 1600 and as much as $ 5000 or even more.

It depends on what you want for your bed and desk unit.

For example, if you are quite handy and want to make your own cabinet and desk, then the folding wall bed hardware costs around $ 300. The hardware is just the equipment to mount the mattress and fold it against the wall.

If you want to find a bed and desk combination that is ready to install against your wall, then of course the prices will be higher. I have been able to find several very nice units for a little over $ 2000, ready to install and add your own mattress.

Of course, if you want a custom or complex cabinet, you can expect to pay more.

You can find a Murphy bed desk in any size, from double to full, queen or king size, and they can be folded from the wall vertically or horizontally as desired.

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