PUQU Bluetooth Receipt Printer

A Bluetooth receipt printer is an excellent way to print documents and labels wirelessly from a variety of computers. This small device also allows you to create on-demand photos and labels. Most portable devices are battery-powered so you don’t need to worry about power outlets. Thermal receipts come in two different sizes: 58mm and 80mm. They are designed for use in retail, office, and warehouse environments.

Unlike some other models, the bluetooth receipt printer is small enough to fit in your pocket. The PUQU model is an excellent choice for small businesses and retail stores because it’s only 58mm wide and 4mm deep. The printer’s sleek design and ability to connect wirelessly to smartphones and other electronic devices makes it ideal for use in busy environments. It’s also compatible with USB, serial, and LAN ports.

Another great feature of this Bluetooth receipt printer is its high-speed printing. The PUQU Bluetooth Thermal Printer can print at speeds up to 90mm per second and includes a thermal line-dot system and a bitmap support. This model is suitable for use in shopping malls. It’s also compact and beautiful, and supports both USB and Bluetooth connectivity. A bonus feature is that it can be easily connected to smartphones with its built-in lithium-battery power source.

PUQU Bluetooth Receipt Printer – Computer & Office

The PUQU Bluetooth Thermal Printer can easily connect to smartphones with a WiFi connection. It can print at a high speed of up to 90mm per second. This device also has an in-built data buffer and is suitable for printing receipts in shopping malls. The PUQU Bluetooth Thermal Printer is compact and beautiful, with a lithium-battery-powered internal battery. The PUQU bluetooth printer is a great option for businesses of any size.

The PUQU Bluetooth Receipt Printer is a high-speed thermal printer that supports both Bluetooth and USB connection. Its high-speed Bluetooth connection means that it can work with almost any type of smartphone and is very convenient for mobile businesses. When a business needs a printer for mobile use, the PUQU receipt printer is a great choice. Not only is it portable and beautiful, it also comes with a lithium battery, and can be used anywhere.

This printer is compatible with a wide range of devices and is very easy to use. You can connect it to your smartphone using the Bluetooth connection to print receipts wirelessly. This printer is also compatible with Square Point of Sale and Square Register mobile apps. It can also connect to a USB port or LAN. This device is perfect for your office or home. You’ll be happy using this device with its easy-to-use functions and attractive design.

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