People who have a history of successfully managing their careers working with Recruiters know that good relationships are the foundation of success. You don’t necessarily have to be the best or the most suitable candidate on the market, but having a good relationship can do wonders for you. Smart candidates have access to their recruiters’ mobile phones, private numbers, and email addresses.

You do?

Use a recruiter, but understand it could hurt your chances of getting a job

Here’s something else a recruiter won’t tell you. Using a recruiter could actually hamper your job search efforts because organizations only allow recruiters to submit a set number of resumes for review. The problem arises when your resume is not submitted before that magic cutoff number is reached. Your job is to make sure you establish what that number is and if you can get on the list. Both are easy to do.

Reference checks

You beat everything else, but find that you keep falling into the baseline stage. Recruiters know that having a great reference check alone won’t get you a job, but they much prefer it when your reference gives them a glowing recommendation. Anything else and the alarm bells start ringing and recruiters will go to great lengths to make sure they work with people who have solid references.

local knowledge

If you’re from a country other than the one you’re looking for a job in, you may have a hard time getting a job through a recruiter because they don’t have ‘local’ knowledge. Recruiters know that it is easier to locate you if you are a ‘local’ rather than someone without the ‘local knowledge’ that the client may be looking for. So if you’re working with a recruiter and they’re not ‘local’, don’t get your hopes up too high because if they can fill the position with someone ‘local’, they will. These and other factors are recruiter secrets known to the smart job seekers who are most successful at landing jobs.

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