Oh boy! This is perhaps the most difficult of all. It’s good that the spelling of this word allows me to tackle it first. Passion is the greatest asset when trying to lose weight. So form an alliance with this burning desire and conquer your stubborn ways. Start by changing something that will sabotage your new sleek and sexy physique, then repeat at a pace that is comfortable yet productive. Focus on the future and stop living in the sad past.


Be honest with yourself. Don’t set unrealistic expectations that will compromise you in the long run. Respect your body’s cravings, which want to disappear overnight. Learn to balance them in moderate doses. This works as a balance to satisfy the mind, body and soul. Everyone shares the extra weight together and the body is tired of carrying it.


This is the ideal time to make exercise a part of your lifestyle. You have dealt with the mental aspects of losing weight and have convinced yourself to do the necessary work. Remember to go slowly until you reach an intense workout. You can’t afford to get burned, the stakes are too high. Remember, this is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Make sure to stretch well to avoid injury.


There are two different factors when it comes to tolerance. The first is willpower. If you are not a strong-willed person, find other ways to compensate, losing weight is still a challenge that continues to affect society. There is no single approach that guarantees success. Regardless of the results, you are in control once you learn to tolerate adversity. Whether you spend time or money, progress will stop, effort is and will forever be the common denominator. People are often driven to failure by their own setbacks, so it is important to escape your own destructive shadow.

Second, using acronyms can be a fun and creative way to remove the intimidation of homework and manage responsibility in phases. This is a tool that can be applied to your life in general and help you tackle tasks that are difficult in nature. When the mind learns new things, it aggravates that information and tends to apply it to other problem areas, such as diet and exercise in the example I used earlier. Don’t be afraid of traps, they will strangely give you strength to get through the storm.

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