Student Housing in Nottingham

The UK’s second largest city, Nottingham is a vibrant and student-friendly place to live. With two renowned universities, 94 halls, and plenty of private rental options, there’s no shortage of accommodation for students in the area. With a wide range of discounts available in restaurants, bars and supermarkets, the experience of student life in Nottingham is catered for all budgets.

With a wide range of high-end studios and cluster apartments, students in Nottingham will have no trouble finding their ideal flat or house share. From the bustling student town of Hockley to the modern developments of Arboretum, there is something to suit all tastes and preferences in this English city.

One of the most popular choices of student housing in Nottingham is sharing an apartment with a group of friends. This is the most cost-effective option and gives you the opportunity to experience living in a new city in a social environment. If you’re a solo traveller, however, there are also many options for single rooms in student apartments in Nottingham. Whether you’re looking for an en suite studio or a larger apartment with a kitchen and lounge, the Erasmus Play search engine can help you find exactly what you need.

With an award-winning public transport system, getting around the city is easy. The Robin Hood Network offers a single card that covers buses, trams and trains, making it quick and convenient to reach your Nottingham student accommodation from anywhere in the city. For those who prefer to walk, the central city is easily accessible with a large range of walking routes.

Student Housing in Nottingham – A Vibrant and Student-Friendly City

If you’re looking for some retail therapy, the city’s high-end shopping centres are sure to satisfy your cravings. The city is also a great spot for art and culture, with the stunning Nottingham Contemporary regularly hosting exhibitions by world-leading artists. The literary scene is also well-represented, with the city having been named a UNESCO City of Literature.

Nightlife in the city is some of the best in the country. With student nights almost every night of the week, organised bar crawls and some of the Midland’s wildest clubs, Nottingham is a party-lovers dream. With a huge variety of bars in the city, you’re sure to find somewhere that suits your taste, from cosy pubs down alleyways to cocktail bars and more up-market places.

Student accommodation plays a vital role in shaping the overall student experience. It should go beyond being merely a place to stay, providing a comfortable, secure, and supportive environment that fosters academic success and personal growth. By considering factors such as proximity to educational institutions, safety and security, comfortable living spaces, amenities, a supportive community, affordability, and sustainable practices, accommodation providers can create a home away from home for students, enabling them to thrive during their educational journey.

The easing of pet rental restrictions in recent years, coupled with the introduction of lockdown means that students are now more likely to bring their pets into their Nottingham student accommodation. According to UniHomes, a student property rental platform, this could lead to an increase in the number of pets brought into student houses and flats in Nottingham. UniHomes believes that landlords should act with more vigilance in assessing requests from tenants for pets and only rejecting them if there is a legitimate reason such as the property not being suitable. For example, they may be concerned that a pet will cause damage or make the house unsuitable for other tenants.

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