Everything in innovation is being transformed into nifty gadgets, and wearable tech gadgets are the most prominent. These smarter advancements can do anything from reading a watch to warning you of potential harm, and they’re hot things in the tech world.

Be that as it may, that does not imply that they are all of great quality. Even though there are many portable devices available, much of them are flawed and unjustified regardless of cost. In case you’re in the business for a smart device that is justified in cash and delivers results, consider these superior wearable tech gadgets.

1. Apple Watch

Apple fans have been holding their breath, lastly the Apple Smart Watch is here. It appeared in online stores in April and is set to hit stores in the US and parts of the UK earlier than expected in June. It is also expected to be available in Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Spain and Taiwan starting June 26. The most attractive item is primarily an iPhone on the wrist.


Good with iPhone 5 onwards
Arrives in a variety of plans and flavors, including a negotiable band
Lightweight and surprisingly easy to use
Amazing apps, including messaging, mail, re-enactments, and most other good ones for iPhones
Make and answer calls
Wellness tracking, including steps, calories burned, and heart rate.


Extreme cost that keeps running from $ 349 on the fundamental model and $ 17,000 for strong gold.
New contacts cannot be included
Without altering the capabilities of instant messages
Doesn’t track rest
No GPS enabled for wellness
IPhone must be adjacent to fully work
It is not perfect with different mobile phones.

2. Fitbit Surge

As long as they go effortless, looks and precision, you can’t beat the Fitbit brand. In the past year, the organization has released its latest model, the Fitbit Surge, complete with extensive wellness tracking, GPS tracker, guest ID, and music control, all in one device.


Elegant look with a mix of band tones.
Easy-to-use LCD showcase to view progress
It tracks steps, rest, stairs, calories burned, heart rate, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and it stands out among the most robust wellness trackers available.
Customizable and allows you to track up to seven exercises.
Join with your cell phone for caller ID and different capabilities
GPS chipset included
Strengthen Android, iOS and Windows Phone gadgets


Solid band that is rougher than conventional Fitbit styles
Charger not all included
One of the most expensive devices at $ 249 each
OK battery life, however if you check out different exercises it won’t last more than five hours
No social media association

3. Skully AR-1

Smartwatches are not the main type of wearable innovation to be developed in the last year. There is also a shiny new Cruiser Protective Cap available that demonstrates the innovation found in Iron Man. Skully’s AR1 Motorcycle Protective Cap takes the best of Google Glass components and puts them in a cap that is outfitted with a showcase, a rear view camera and a GPS route. Plus, you have voice control for your music and phone. This article is intended to be downloaded in July or August, however it is available to pre-order now.


Hands-free tech skills on the go
Easier route with 180 degree backup camera and GPS
Units with cell phones
Very beautiful
Simple display to center that meets National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines
Screen in the shade of the sun at the push of a button


Hefty spending at $ 1500 each
Heavier than a typical protective cap
Not adjustable
Still in the testing stage, so there is a considerable amount of curls to resolve

4. Rock Steel

This adaptation of the smartwatches from the Pebble line was launched in January and the components constitute a great technological and corrective update of the first model of 2013. The Pebble Steel includes a huge presentation and a nimble configuration.


Perfect with iPhone and Android phones
Expansive, easy-to-examine LCD screen
Raincoat and shower / swim well arranged
Offers wellness tracking, including step counting.
A wide variety of accessible applications
Handle critical warnings without lifting a finger
Better time counting capabilities than most


Maturity technology that does not exactly coordinate the opposition
Extremely restricted capacity with only eight openings to run applications
No heart rate monitoring or other driven wellness tracking
Expensive for the quality, at $ 199
No touchscreen, receiver, or speakers
Poor battery life

5. Samsung Gear VR

Virtual truth is here with the new Samsung Gear VR, which attaches to your cell phone and allows you to complete a universe of portable playback. This goggle-shaped headset allows you to join your cell phone and view movies, music, breathtaking scenery, re-enactments and more from anywhere. It is perfect with the Samsung Note 4, however there is a VR Innovator edition that works with the Galaxy S6.


Moderately reasonable for VR at $ 199- $ 270 depending on model
Incredible feeling of immersion in a virtual world.
Free apps
Package includes headset, 16GB memory card, and zippered carrying case
Breakthrough for the virtual reality industry


Simply perfect with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cell phone
The applications are limited and poor, and predominantly comprise semi and small diversion features.
Characteristics determination is grainy in contrast to common screens
Unpleasant and uncomfortable outline.

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