So you are finishing 12th grade and wondering what to do next. This is a common question that most dropouts find confusing and difficult to answer. It is a very important decision and it will mark the rest of your life. So where do you start when deciding what is best for you? Here are the 5 most popular career paths being taken by high school dropouts today. This is a great place for you to think about what’s good for you.

1. Business administration

Certainly not a new entry in the list of the most popular titles, Business Administration is still in high demand. This is for good reason, as having a business administration degree gives you a solid foundation on which to build your career. Many students continue their education to earn an MBA, but even without it, you can find a great starting salary of $ 50 or $ 55,000 with the right job.

2. Criminal justice

Criminal justice has a wide range of possible career paths, from law enforcement to government departments to becoming an attorney and moving forward. Starting salaries often end in the mid $ 40k range, and the large selection of potential majors makes this one of the most popular bachelor’s degrees today.

3. Psychology

This has always been one of the most popular titles, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Whether you want to teach, want to do research, want to be a practicing psychologist, or have something else in mind, it all starts with this bachelor’s degree program. Starting salaries can amount to more than $ 45,000 even without a master’s or doctorate.

4. Nursing

Nursing offers a great combination of an important and rewarding career, with a career that has great job opportunities and that country well. It’s one of the fastest growing areas right now, and it’s been moving up the list of the most popular bachelor’s degrees. Starting salaries have a wide range, but are often around $ 45,000.

5. K-12 Education

Educational programs are great because you get hands-on experience with teaching and learning how to interact with students and children of all ages. You will be fully prepared to enter the world of teaching, from developing lesson plans to effectively grading and monitoring your students. The $ 30k starting salary may not sound very good, but the hours and summers certainly are.

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