It seems useless to say that in today’s computer-dominated world, faxes are efficiently managed through traditional machines. With the Internet and the cloud gaining immense importance, Internet fax has evolved as a new option for sending and receiving documents over the web. However, it is important to know more about this technology before saying “Yes” to it. What is an email to fax system and how does it work? What hardware is needed to configure such a system? There are several similar questions on the minds of business owners before signing up for these services.

Most of today’s business organizations are tuning in to the improvements in Internet technology. This is the reason why business organizations are switching to this online fax medium from the traditional fax. This option is an easy way to send faxes in the same way that you send business emails. We are aware that customers these days are looking for organizations that can quickly interact with them and configure services or deliver products in a timely manner. In such a case, it is necessary to send some important document to the customer by fax.

Since chats and calls are received 24 hours a day at the customer’s request, customers expect all functionality to work similarly. This is where the need for instant Internet fax arises. This system offers its functionality over the Internet with the help of VOIP and a toll-free number. This is not an ordinary number, but a T.38 number used exclusively for online faxing. How can you have this system ready for use? No equipment or setup is required at the end. All users need is an Internet connection and a device that supports the Internet.

The 8xx number you choose for your business is first transferred to the hosted PBX providers’ servers. This number is then configured with the user’s favorite email account. The email address that these users get is something like Faxes are easily composed like emails. When sending these faxes, it is necessary to enter the recipients, which can be single or multiple. The file to be sent as a fax is attached in PDF or TIFF format and it goes directly to the recipients’ mailbox. Security is one of the main benefits of this system. The mail server implements security through SMTP and VOIP PBX security along with tunneling and compression while data transmission through VPN makes the system more secure.

Sending an email seems pretty easy and fast. Hosted PBX systems have brought a new revolution in business. Using this system equips employees with the power to send and receive faxes even when they are on the go. There are several benefits that are causing small business owners to abandon traditional fax options. The most important of these reasons include energy saving, mobility, cost effectiveness, safety and respect for the environment. Most small business organizations are finding the implementation of this Internet fax system quite fruitful. The best part is that a negligible investment makes them seem professionally sound and well established in their business niche.

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