Have you ever been on a stage where you were going somewhere and found yourself lost in a place you’ve never been before? That could be really daunting and a pretty hopeless situation, particularly for people who don’t have any sense of direction.

It’s a good thing cell phones are such a familiar enough item in many people’s collection of devices that you can simply call someone and ask for directions. Although, what if you don’t know where you are at that moment?

Wouldn’t it be great if you found another practical use for your DVD player and cell phone, like helping you get where you’re going using GPS features? A large number of cell phones and car DVD players now have GPS functionality.

These devices can pinpoint your exact location and help you get where you want to go as accurately and safely as possible. But which device would be the right one for you? Let’s find out.

what is available

The following are some of the most common and readily available GPS or Global Positioning System devices that you can access.

* Car DVD players with GPS capabilities

Most of the mid-to-high priced car DVD players available today offer some form of GPS navigation. Aside from using satellite technology to pinpoint your location, these devices have their core purpose built in around playing those rare CDs and DVDs that took forever to collect.

The device is powered directly from your car, van or truck battery, eliminating the need to recharge before use, and connects directly to your car’s speakers for superior audio quality. What’s more, if the car DVD comes installed with a device called picture-in-picture, you will be able to run the GPS navigation system while doing other tasks, such as dialing a number on the hands-free phone or leaving your driveway. .

* Portable GPS Navigators

These portable tools can be attached or detached from a mounting unit on your dash and require no complicated installation. And in order for larger models of portable GPS units to be competitive in the car DVD market, manufacturers have installed Bluetooth receivers and FM transmitters so drivers can use their portable GPS devices as hands-free calling kits, just like they do it with car DVD players. However, the most important feature is its price, which is 30% to 50% cheaper than car DVD systems.

* Cell phones with GPS capability

Cell phones didn’t really come into the GPS equation until 2005, when the FCC said that all cell phones (smart or not) needed some sort of GPS tracking device. This functionality is good for two additional purposes besides having conversations and sending SMS on your mobile phone. The first is that the mobile phone can be used to get driving directions to get where you want to go, and the second is to guide the ambulance, fire service, police and other emergency response units to get to your destination. exact location in case you get caught in a vehicular accident.

Which GPS device will track you best?

New and upcoming GPS devices are packed with a wide variety of features that go beyond the device’s primary function of providing position information, making it seem very difficult to choose which device would be right for you. The comparison below may give you an idea to help you in this case.

* Car DVD Players Vs Portable GPS Navigators Vs Mobile Phones

People who choose car DVD players with GPS capabilities generally do so for three of the following reasons: their GPS functionality; connectivity to cell phones that allow hands-free use; and its main function of playing CDs, DVDs and other media files. The LCD screen varies in size, but many units come with a 7-inch, 800 x 400 pixel resolution that provides ample viewing quality for normal use.

The portable GPS unit with a seven-inch screen and a car DVD player with a seven-inch screen may not seem that different at all.

GPS navigators cannot play CDs or DVDs directly, but they do play converted music and other media loaded into its memory. Sound output may not be as good as DVD players as GPS navigation aids use their FM transmitter or Bluetooth connection to connect to the car’s sound system. the portable GPS is just that, portable while the car DVD is just the opposite. And of course the huge price difference.

While there’s no need to compare a car DVD to a smartphone, there’s a lot of merit in comparing handheld GPS navigation units to cell phones.

Handheld GPS units tend to have larger screens than GPS-enabled cell phones, which means they’re better for use in the car and for watching movies. GPS mobile phones fit more comfortably in bags and pockets

And again, handheld GPS units are often much cheaper than smartphones.

Selecting the right form of GPS comes down to your preference as to what functionality would be on your priority list. A car DVD player is a better choice for anyone who likes their movies to look sharp and their audio to sound amazingly clear. If it’s portability and price you want, then go for portable GPS navigators or even mobile phones. The choice is yours.

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