Sneakers De La Crème is a curated community marketplace for designer sneakers. Our goal is to make brand name sneakers affordable and available to everyone. Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect sneakers, especially at a decent price. That is why we have created SDLC. Our platform showcases a plethora of kicks to choose from. If you’re saving up for a pair of designer sneakers, look up the store now!

Minimal is out and maximalism is in, in all areas from fashion to interiors, and especially when it comes to luxury sneakers. Gone are the minimalist white sneakers that have been in style for decades, and in their place are the bold, brand-name styles that spell out the ’90s sneaker renaissance.

For decades, dressy sneakers (think Lavin’s low-tops in color-block hues or Common Projects’ bright white sneakers) have ruled. But now designers are going back to their roots, with bold, bold, and especially bulbous styles.

We are all aware that designer brands can command a high price tag. That’s why websites like are so valuable to luxury sneaker aficionados. Discover men’s designer sneakers from Prada, Yeezy and other designers, and they also have women’s designer sneakers from Valentino, Alexander McQueen and other designers. is a marketplace where users can sell their luxury sneakers, as long as they are in top condition. You can also shop for a fantastic range of discounted designer sneakers on the site, at amazing prices.

All items are authenticated and quality checked before being sold. Discover our selection of designer sneakers at affordable prices. Sell ​​to our community of sneaker lovers!

If you want attention-grabbing luxury sneakers, look no further than the crème de la crème of designer sneakers: Prada. These high-impact, high-shine metallic sneakers are perfect. What did we say about the ’90s sneaker renaissance? These sumptuous platforms ooze retro style in abundance.

Inspired by this, Jcael decided to create SNEAKERS DE LA CRÈME. He chose the name because sneakers are normal, casual footwear and De la crème is of the highest quality. Merging the two to create an online marketplace where high-caliber sneakers can be bought and sold at affordable prices. The site also gives shoppers the option to place an offer on brand new designer sneakers, which is out of the ordinary for most online stores.

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