If you left your partner because of your infidelities, would you still have the heart to win her back? Are you convinced of the fact that things will be different when you take that second shot? If your partner left you because he thought the grasses were greener on the other side of the fence and he went back to his knees to beg, would you be ready to give him another round?

Your ex should really appreciate you! Even if the relationship was never easy for both of you, does that give you any privilege to cheat? Shouldn’t you end the relationship with you before they jump on to another (whether it’s just an affair or not)? And finally, can you ever find the heart to trust your heart again to someone who tricked you into changing it?

How will you know if things have changed for the better? If your answer to this is that your partner has begged for your forgiveness and vowed never to do it again, ask yourself this: Was that an implicit rule in all relationships?

There aren’t too many people who simply jump on the bandwagon of allowing their partners to reign freely and sleep with as many people as they want, provided they return home to them. Those who do this, regardless of whether they are in an open relationship status, still have some kind of alibi, albeit strange, behind them.

They may feel insecure and really depressed and think that finding someone to love them after all they’ve been through is impossible unless they succumb to the person’s whims. They may get something for themselves.

There is a woman I spoke to a few months ago. Both she and her spouse were swingers. Not only that, her husband has several of his girlfriends living in the same house that they both shared with their children. In the end I asked him if this was all right for him.

She just told me that she definitely loves her and all those girlfriends her husband brings home just take care of his financial needs. Instantly I thought it must have hurt her feelings that her spouse was happy with everything that was happening.

If you and your company were never enough for your partner, how could things be different? Sure, they may have made you an oath that they will change their personality for the better and that they will never cheat on you again, but is it that easy?

These questions will definitely remain in your head, “Was I not good enough for him / her? Why?” If they didn’t find the decency to respect you or your relationship, why would things be better this time?

A relationship must absolutely have respect. If you don’t have this, what else will you have? A partner who takes control of things while the other will have to suffer in silence? Not only is it painful, it is derogatory.

I can’t understand that feeling where someone would allow a person to make them feel like they don’t matter. There are many fish in the sea, as they say; But why would you waste your emotions and energy on someone who didn’t care enough to respect and be loyal to you?

Clearly, this is one of the many issues that many people will have to solve sooner or later.

If in case you are stuck in this position, and perhaps at some point in our lives we have encountered situations like this, ask yourself the following questions:

1. How will you know that things will be different this time?
2. Can you willingly trust this person this time?
3. When you left them, did you really make them realize their mistakes?
4. Did the fact that you let them return to your arms mean that you allowed yourself to succumb to the same treatment again?
5. If you allow them to come back, what will happen if they decide to cheat or mistreat you again?

The last and final question comes from an anonymous Facebook post: Would you stand idly by in a corner and watch your son and daughter allow a person to treat them exactly the way they treated you in the past and not say Nothing of that? word?

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