The island of Puerto Rico is one of those places that has much more to offer than you think. The weather is sure to be nice and there are plenty of places where you can enjoy a drink under the scorching sun. But there is much more to this wonderful place. The friendly people of Puerto Rico are proud of their place and are often more than happy to provide you with some tips on great local tourism opportunities.

The bustling capital of Puerto Rico (called San Juan) is a mix of different influences. What is your favorite party? Do you want to enjoy a life of luxury during your free time or do you want to mingle with the locals? There are many luxury hotels and most of them are located near the nightclubs and discos of San Juan.

A lively nightlife awakens when the shops close, Puerto Ricans disappear for dinner, and when the sun goes down San Juan reawakens with a whole new energy. Casinos and bars are waiting for you to come and have a drink. But you can also choose to take it easy and find a great restaurant on the beach. Surrounded by the rainforest on one side and the beach on the other, you will truly feel like you are in paradise.

Puerto Rico has a rich history and a lot to offer if you like sightseeing. The fascinating Spanish history dates back to the American war in 1898 when many buildings and settlements were destroyed. Today Americans and Puerto Ricans live happily together. Enjoy visiting Fort San Cristobal and the fortress walls along the San Juan harbor and mix the views with San Juan’s exciting nightlife after dinner.

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