Indigestion symptoms have almost been turned into comic relief in television commercials. People who burp, grab their Tums, and sing along to cute Alka-Seltzer jingles have created the illusion that indigestion is not just normal, but fun. However, there is nothing humorous about indigestion or its symptoms.

When someone complains of indigestion, it can range from the upper part of the digestive tract to the lower part. People may complain of reflux, acid in the throat, stomach pain, bloating, gas pain, and eventually diarrhea. Understandably, not wanting to endure these uncomfortable symptoms, a person turns to over-the-counter medications to ease the discomfort.

This nonchalant attitude to the severity of indigestion from advertisers, coupled with the availability to easily self-medicate with over-the-counter products, combine to create the perfect storm in a person’s health. If a person considers indigestion symptoms a natural part of life and a temporary treatment is available to lessen the discomfort, there is no desire to get to the heart of the problem.

So what is the real problem that is causing antacid products to be one of the most profitable industries? There are a few theories to consider:

Eat excessively

One of the most obvious precursors to indigestion, in the absence of other medical problems, is overeating. Society is growing at an alarming rate. There was a time when people ate real food, the kind found on the outside walls of grocery stores. Meat, fresh produce and dairy were normal meals and were cooked at home. Today, fast food chains are everywhere, for those fast paced folks who need a meal on the run. Boxed prepared foods are microwaved for dinner in minutes. The restaurants offer appetizers, large entrees and desserts. Everywhere you look, people consume much more in one sitting than their digestive systems can handle. People seem to eat for pleasure rather than to control hunger. In reality, our bodies are quite capable of telling us when they are hungry (stomach growling) and when they have been pushed to the limit (indigestion).

Unhealthy diets and food intolerances

Continued consumption of unhealthy foods, such as snacks and soft drinks, has also affected the human body. You have to understand that these products are not really food, nor does our body know what to do with them. If a person is truly intolerant to certain foods or is consuming dead foods that irritate the intestinal lining, stopping these products is the only way to calm the intestines so that they begin to heal from the inside. Most people have seen how glue can clean a penny. Imagine the impact this drink has on the intestinal walls over time. Indigestion symptoms are the body’s way of letting a person know that it cannot digest or process these foods.

Indigestion symptoms caused by poor digestion

The ironic problem with indigestion is that people use antacids to relieve symptoms which, in turn, decrease the amount of stomach acid needed to digest food. Over time, this cycle of not digesting food results in symptoms much more severe than indigestion, it can affect the immune system of the whole body because nutrition from food and supplements cannot be absorbed properly, with the digestive tract in continuous change.

If you have an ongoing stomach upset, it’s important to first get examined by your doctor to rule out any other potential causes of your upset. If no other problem is found, it’s time to start looking at what and how you eat. Eating only when you are hungry, stopping overeating, consuming natural foods from which your body can regain nutrition, and allowing stomach acid levels to return to normal should reduce indigestion symptoms in no time.

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