Cocaine Overdose

A cocaine overdose can cause permanent physical harm to the: Heart, including collapsed arteries. Lungs. The circulatory system and heart. Muscular system and kidneys. And more frightening, even social, psychological and sexual symptoms of overdose quickly occur together with physical symptoms.


The reason why cocaine overdose is so dangerous is because the majority of medical emergency rooms today have been stocked with high body temperature medicines and other highly toxic and potentially fatal narcotics. Cocaine is one of the most widely used mind-altering narcotics in history and has killed hundreds if not thousands depending on how it was abused and over how long it was taken in combination with other drugs. Even the prescription strength cocaine that has been taken only a few minutes to a few hours at a time can kill if left alone and not consumed in combination with other medications such as aspirin, cold medicines, anti-depressants and other medications.

There are several symptoms that can occur when one uses cocaine. These include restlessness, sweating, restlessness, diarrhea, insomnia, hallucinations, panic attacks, profuse sweating and sometimes, heart palpitations and chest pain. Also, the person can develop physical tics such as crinkling or shaking of the hand or feet. All of these symptoms of cocaine overdose treatment can lead to severe distress and even death if not treated immediately. But all too often when one notices these symptoms they are misdiagnosed as being from another condition.

Warning Signs of Cocaine Overdose

The first step is always to see a doctor when you begin to notice the symptoms of cocaine use. He will do a physical exam of the heart rate, blood pressure, pulse and respiration. He will also ask you questions about your family medical history. If he finds out that someone in your family had or does have signs of cardiovascular problems, he may suspect that you may be having a heart problem due to cocaine use. The reason for this is that most people who abuse cocaine also abuse alcohol or other drugs. Also, the high levels of cocaine used in cocaine use can cause a rapid increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

If you experience any of the symptoms of cocaine overdose, they are dangerous and should be reported immediately. The reason being is that there is a risk of death during this time because of the high level of heart rate and blood pressure. Another reason that overdose is dangerous is that it can cause people to become agitated. Agitated people are at great risk for violence and possibly suicide which can be fatal.

Another dangerous sign of cocaine overdose is when the person begins to hallucinate. This is usually a sign of brain damage but can also be caused by dehydration. When the person starts to become anxious, the brain loses its ability to focus properly. This can result in the person having a difficult time organizing his thoughts and causing them to have confusion. These signs are very serious and need to be reported immediately.

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