Have you ever asked a guy what men want? Men have also imagined their perfect girlfriend, their future wife. Unsurprisingly, most men want a woman who only exists in their dreams. Some men want a professional woman with good finances, but who can stay home for the children. Some men want women to eat healthy foods without gaining weight. Yes, some men want impossible perfect women. Don’t these guys have realistic ideas about their partner? Do these men want to be single forever? Fortunately, there are also men who defined “the one” in a better, simpler and very realistic way.


Men are attracted to those who satisfy their sight. And let’s face it, women want a good man and men want beautiful women, it’s human nature. However, men’s definition of beauty is not as deep as women’s. Men find beauty in a woman’s physical appearance and then discover what beauty really means. Since men want beautiful women, then be the beautiful woman he is looking for. You were raised to do the right things and the things that you think are right, so your other side, being a person, has already been polished. Now is the time to spruce up your look. Go to your favorite salon when you need to get ready. Buy a new dress if you think you need it. Above all, set between 1 and 2 hours every morning to recover.


Another thing that will satisfy your eyesight is a perfectly shaped woman’s body. But it is not what you think. You don’t need Kim Kardashian’s look and body, you just need to make sure you’re healthy. Alright, let’s be honest, 36-24-36 counts! But you can adjust those digits if you can’t get them. Just make sure you eat healthy and stay healthy. Men have a different perspective on sexy. Some men think that chubby women are hotter than slim women. Some men prefer the extra small to medium size. Some men want the plus size. You can’t really say what men want when it comes to body. All they know is that they want someone who knows how to take care of their body and their self.


Some men are threatened by women’s brains and you have to stay away from them. Only the best, quality men want women with brains. What kind of man do you want? Men want to talk too, although not in the way women do. And what men want is a woman who can handle a healthy and intelligent conversation. If you want to catch a successful man, you must be smart and successful in your own field. These men are looking for women who can contribute to their strategies, ideas, planning, and tastes. You may need an MBA degree, but being naturally smart is already a bonus.


Men want a woman who can balance work and life. They want someone who is cool and calm, so whenever you feel like you’re getting too emotionally upset, step back and try to find your balance.

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