There are many people on the Internet who use a hidden identity. They can be anyone from web administrators to business staff. In other words, they are using a fake online identity. In this situation, you can find out who they really are using the WHOI lookup.

It is a well-known fact that some people prefer to keep their true identity a secret. By using WHOI, you can verify the domain registration of a particular website. You may be surprised at the number of users using a false identity when searching through the WHOI. Everyone who buys a domain name needs to fill in their personal information, such as their real name, address, etc. Therefore, it is doubtful that all the personal data you entered online will be kept secret. So how safe is the internet?

To be on the safe side, the domain registrar replaces your personal data. Registrar data will replace all your personal data. Therefore, when a WHOIs lookup is performed, your personal data will not appear. When the search is complete, the name and address of a separate domain will appear instead of yours. Therefore, it will be difficult to guess who the original owner of the domain is. However, the registrar’s service is not free, but the owners are willing to pay more to keep their information private. It’s worth spending a few extra bucks to keep your valuable personal data hidden. However, having a different name can be to your advantage as you can use it to market your website and create a unique identity for your website users.

This is a good online branding method for your website. In a way, you can see it as having a unique name for your business where you can reveal your identity whenever you want while still being transparent about it. This will create a good impression of you as a business person.

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