Madeira, 1000 km over the sea southwest of Portugal’s capital Lisbon, is famous for its sweet wine, which was a staple purchase for exploring ships en route to the New World hundreds of years ago.

Madeira has long been known for its excellent year-round climate and the rich natural beauty of the islands, the flora and fauna of the islands, fed by the fertile volcanic soil. Its fresh air and clean beaches, more than 20 Blue Flag certified beaches, have attracted retirees looking to benefit greatly from an increase in health and well-being that a place like Madeira provides.

According to the National Tourism Office of Portugal and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom, health and wellness tourism is increasing across Europe and is expected to increase between 5% and 10% by 2015. In a major conference on the subject held at the beginning of November, Madeira has stood out for its potential in this expanding market.

Madeira Airport was opened in 1963, filled with eager passengers from Germany, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom seeking winter sun and a Mediterranean alternative to the Costa del Sol package holidays. This remains true today as Madeira attracts a demanding profile of tourists throughout the year. Luxury cruise arrivals to the archipelago continue to be popular in Funchal, the capital, which remains a favorite port on Atlantic cruise routes.

Easy access

The island is now getting easier and easier as, the low-cost carrier, will start flying from Manchester Airport from 3 May 2010 for just £ 49.99 one way (including tax) to Funchal.

Ian Doubtfire, CEO of comments:

“Madeira is a stunning island and an absolutely fantastic summer vacation destination that I am sure will be very popular with our clients in the North West and beyond.”

Duarte Ferreira, Madeira Airport Director, goes on to say:

“The launch of this new scheduled route is extremely positive news for Madeira and will open up this beautiful region to many more visitors. The creation of this new link, especially at a time when other operators seek to cut costs and services, plays such an important role for tourism in the region that it benefits the local economy and the people who work and live on the island. We hope that this partnership with will result in the opening of several new routes from the UK in the near future. “

This is great news for those looking to enjoy the island for a pleasant vacation, the growing number of people choosing Madeira as a second home or holiday destination and, of course, real estate investors taking advantage of the growing popularity of this island. magic.

Experience International, a leading specialist in overseas real estate investments, has also identified this trend and created

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