Just yesterday, a manager from a large company wrote to say that between the stress of his job and the upcoming holiday season, he was turning gray. He made me think about the stress that many entrepreneurs experience at this time of year and how uncomfortable the vast majority of decision-makers feel from the beginning of the buying experience until the last day of Christmas. Why do we put ourselves in that position, and how can we make it okay to experience peace, health, and fewer obligations?


If you are one of those busy people who feel overwhelmed and tired during the holidays, then you definitely want to find a way to disconnect. And if your emotional energy is weighing you down, then it’s really important to figure out some ways to de-stress. But how? Trying to escape stress by overeating, overscheduling, overindulging, overgiving, and overspending isn’t going to do it. However, if you’re ready to de-stress, de-clutter, and free your mind for a happier, more joyous holiday season, then I’m here to tell you how. It’s time to put the emotional and financial pressure aside and start experiencing exactly what a vacation is meant to be; joy, happiness and peace.


Start by making a decision today to commit to your own well-being. Once you do that, believe it or not, the stress starts to melt away. One of the best ways to de-stress is to break bad eating habits. Oddly enough, the first and most important part of removing stress and emotional pressure is making sure you eat properly. Taking care of yourself by eating right, exercising, and committing to your own well-being are critical steps in staying sane. Instead of grabbing the cookies and candy found around the office, chop up some carrots or other raw vegetables and keep them within easy reach while sitting at your desk. Or slice raw apples and keep some sliced ​​almonds nearby to snack on when you’re hungry. Eating fruits, vegetables, and nuts maintains your body’s natural energy, which translates into feeling much stronger and healthier. And just as important to your well-being is taking a few minutes to exercise every day, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. Get your body moving and you’ll start to see stress melt away. Remember, eating poorly and not exercising does more damage than you can imagine. Not only does it make you gain weight, it also increases your energy level and makes you feel more tired and stressed than when you started. Eating well enhances your physical, emotional and mental health.


How the heck can you get rid of financial pressure during vacation time? Simplify and declutter by checking your stress-inducing holiday gift at the door. Instead of doing things that don’t make you feel good, give yourself permission to do what makes you feel good. Start by deciding on a budget for your vacation expenses and choose to stick to it. No matter how many great gifts you see or who you missed on your gift list, instead of putting yourself under financial pressure, just say no. Remember, any gift you buy for your loved ones or friends will not even be remembered in a month. So, to take the stress out of gift shopping, in addition to setting a budget, shop online in the evening when you’ve gotten home from work and are more relaxed. Keep a list close by so you know what you want to buy and stay within your budget. Getting caught up in buying too many gifts is unhealthy and only increases financial pressure. A better option is to give simple gifts that reflect your personal values. Take control of your spending instead of letting spending take control of you.


The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, a time to gather with friends and family, a time to reflect. However, too many people let stress take over. Instead of feeling totally overwhelmed with shopping, decorating, food preparation, etc., take a moment and listen to your inner voice. You don’t want to be under all this pressure; wants to enjoy the Christmas season. Absolutely refuse to put pressure on yourself about how much money you spend, whether your house is perfectly decorated, or whether you have tons of fabulous food prepared. Just live by your own values ​​by stopping the chatter in your head and relax. Be sure to listen to the Successwaves CDs and watch yourself relax. These CDs are designed to help de-stress, control your weight, gain confidence, and strengthen your inner power. Make a promise right now that you will eliminate the excesses of the season and start living a more authentic and joyful life. Instead of a season of stress, make the holiday season exactly what it should be, a time of joy, peace and delight.

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