Many people complain about the ruling elite and label them as scoundrels and run by sheer greed. Personally, I am offended by this notion, since I myself have such names in my own family. And to those who label our surnames in such a negative way, I would like to address you now and offer you another point of view.

Dear Sir, I really want you to understand the truth in all this, it seems that you are set in your ways and you don’t want to change your perspective even for a second to see the world through another view or get out of the cave of shackles and flickering flame, that you yourself in your personal anger and accepted belief system created for yourself. You have left me a wise choice to show you the errors of your ways in your guerrilla style personal and slanderous attacks against my good name. And all these negative words against my ancestry just to get us knocked off the mountain and then what? Crumble civilization, repeat the follies of man and then install yourself as the leader of your human grouping. Let me ask you, what experience do you have in running the world? Do you think you can really do a better job? Please indicate your qualifications and that is my challenge for you today. The mere ability to complain, make excuses, and label another as unfit to lead is not a qualification to lead the human race. We have too many historical examples to prove that fact.

To those who continually accuse the elite bloodlines of all their personal problems and create conspiracy theories to justify their positions and to all those who discuss this issue and label the elite bloodlines as evil, well; I hereby declare your comments unfounded, unworthy of consideration, and completely fruitless for the advancement of the species. Good morning very good sir.

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