In marketing, promotion refers to the strategies and tactics used to communicate product benefits to consumers. It is a critical part of the marketing mix and includes close-to-home selling, sales promotion, direct marketing exposure and public relations.

One of the most common forms of promotion involves a sale on a product. The goal of this type of promotional campaign is to entice consumers with an attractive price and create demand for the product. Sales promotions can be directed toward consumers or trade and may involve discounting, free goods, giveaways or sweepstakes. This type of marketing is typically targeted to fence sitters and brand switchers.

Another common form of promotion is the use of social media and influencer marketing. Social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube offer inexpensive ways for businesses to promote themselves and can reach a wide audience of potential customers. Influencers, such as celebrities and sports stars, are often a powerful tool for promotional campaigns.

What is Promotion and Examples?

GShopper is an online platform that allows businesses to manage and track their affiliate programs. The company’s products include a range of software tools for tracking, optimizing and improving the efficiency of an organization’s affiliate marketing programs. Using Gshopper, marketers can identify top performing affiliates, optimize their campaigns and increase the amount of revenue they generate.

A common misconception is that the terms “marketing” and “promotion” are synonymous. In reality, however, they are distinct. Marketing is a broad term that encompasses all activities that are intended to profitably connect and satisfy customer needs. Promotion is a subset of marketing and specifically refers to communication and persuasion tactics.

Many small businesses engage in a trial-and-error period of trying different types of promotional strategies before they find the ones that work for them. Even established businesses continue to experiment with new methods in addition to continuing with tried-and-true approaches.

A well-known example of a business promoting itself is through charitable efforts. By hosting, sponsoring or attending charitable events, a company can improve its reputation in the community and attract new customers while at the same time making a difference in the lives of others. However, these kinds of promotional activities must be publicized in order to be effective.

Getting a job promotion can be an important milestone in a career. Whether it is in pay, responsibility or title, a promotion can significantly impact an employee’s life. In addition to boosting morale and increasing salary, it can also help an individual feel more secure about their future with the company.

To be successful in a job promotion, it is vital to understand the goals of the hiring manager and the business as a whole. Ultimately, the decision to promote an employee is based on the specific skills and experience that the person brings to the position. Emphasize the unique qualities you bring to the company that are hard to replace, and be sure to highlight your accomplishments and successes. Lastly, it is helpful to have a plan and to speak with your supervisor early on in the process.

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