Look For in a Cat Tower Scratching Post

A cat tower scratching post offers a number of ways to encourage cats to sharpen their claws on something other than your couch. Many of these pieces also double as a play and lounging area, with features like little nooks and hidey-holes for cats to curl up in and toys they can bat around. Some are taller than others, and some even include wood posts that mimic the natural environment of cats in the wild, a type of scratching surface they tend to prefer over sisal.

Generally, you want to look for a piece that is sturdy enough and long enough to deter cats from using your couch as a replacement scratching surface. You also want to consider whether it will fit your space and your feline’s personality. If you have a small apartment, for instance, you may want to look for a compact tower with a narrow base and a low profile that won’t obstruct views of your room. A tower with a wide base, on the other hand, can be ideal for those with larger living spaces and multiple cats because it can accommodate a variety of climbing and lounging positions.

Some of our favorite models resemble a modern bookcase or other stylish piece of furniture, while others are more traditional in appearance and designed to appeal to cat lovers. The AutoPets cat tower scratching post, for example, is quite expensive, retailing at $269, but it has a sleek, contemporary look that would blend in well with most modern homes, as well as multiple cat beds and an impressive amount of scratching space.

What to Look For in a Cat Tower Scratching Post

One of the more popular and budget-friendly options is the AmazonBasics cat tree, which provides a decent amount of vertical space on top of its 17.7-inch square base. It includes multiple jute-wrapped pillars for cats to scratch, along with four different carpeted levels. Our testers loved that this budget-friendly model was one of the tallest scratchers we tested, offering a great way for cats to stretch out their bodies and limbs, as well as a round top platform with raised sides that can be used like a bed or crow’s nest.

The best cat tower scratching posts have a durable and attractive design that blends in with modern decor, as well as multiple perches for cats to rest on and enjoy their view of the surrounding space. They’re also easy to assemble and sturdy, despite their often-hefty weight.

When choosing a cat tower, it’s important to think about what kind of functionality you want it to have. For example, some models come with add-ons like catnip, which can encourage cats to use the post. Other features that can be useful include ramps and platforms for cats to dash up and down, as well as dangling toys to entice cats to climb and stretch.

Ultimately, the most important factor to consider is what type of scratching post your cat prefers. If you find a post that seems sturdy and appealing to your cat, it’s worth committing to it rather than keeping an eye on the condition of your couch. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to try out a few different types of budget-friendly posts and see what your cat gravitates toward.

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