There are three great mountains of financial freedom. Each mountain is unique and different from the others. However, each mountain can become extremely important to your long-term financial success. Investing across the entire range will give you the security of diversification and constant exposure to the best opportunities.

From each of these mountains of money flow separate streams of income, 10 to be exact. The goal is to have several streams of money from each mountain flowing into the repository of your accumulated prosperity. These are not just ordinary streams of income, they have passed through the money tree formula. You want income streams flowing into your life 24 hours a day, even while you sleep.


This is a tremendously important piece of your financial freedom plan for life. There are hundreds of books on how to make money in real estate. I should know. I have written three of them. Each of these books is packed with dozens of strategies, techniques, and tips. If you want to succeed in real estate investing, remember this…




You need to know how to FIND properties for sale, how to FINANCE those properties, and then how to GROW them, or reap the profits from each deal. In your own town there are thousands of properties for sale, however you can eliminate 99 percent of them by first determining what the best deals are. Then you can worry about the funds needed to acquire them. Then you decide whether to hold them for long-term gains or trade them for short-term gains. It may seem oversimplified, but that’s the world of real estate investing in a nutshell. Find them. finance it. Farm it.


The same is true for the investment mountain. There are over $10,000 individual stocks in the stock market and almost as many in mutual funds. Just like with real estate, there is a formula I use to filter these stocks. Here is what you need to know.

Screening and Filtering

entry time

wait time

Using simple and understandable filters, you can sift through the market gravel and uncover a nugget or two. Using the power of economic tools, you can know exactly when to buy and exactly when to sell. The results will blow you away.


There are literally tens of thousands of “deals” floating around. So how do you select the right business opportunity for you? Again, you use the money tree formula to filter out all the opportunities and then you can start narrowing them down further. You must find an opportunity that you are passionate about.

I did some evaluation myself and found 4 fields of business that have the potential to generate untold amounts of income.

the Internet


marketing online


The fundamental activity behind all of them is marketing. That’s why I call it the Marketing Mountain. Whether you’re selling ideas, a service, or a product, nothing happens without marketing. Even the best books languish in a dusty garage without marketing. Without marketing, your website is nothing more than a multimedia billboard in the corner of your basement. It is very important then to learn to market, because whoever markets the best wins. And we all want our businesses to win.

So what mountain of money do you want to climb? Hopefully all of them.. Right? Each mountain requires a unique set of skills, and it is important to develop these skills so that you can use them when needed.

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