Choosing a game console can be a very daunting task. If you don’t have an idea and are stuck between different game consoles, this article will help you decide. My previous article discussed the pros and cons of the Nintendo Wii, and now I’m going to show you the strengths and weaknesses of the Microsoft Xbox 360. This will help you determine whether or not Xbox is the right console for you.


Of course, every Xbox user knows that Microsoft’s greatest strength is the Halo saga. I wonder if Microsoft will still be involved in the gaming wars, if Halo hadn’t been a huge hit for most gamers. This is also why Microsoft has moved up the ranks when it comes to consoles.

Another known strength of Xbox is its resources. Being under Microsoft, which is the biggest company in the world today, we can expect them to have billions to spend just to make their product one of the best.

Finally, they have awesome third party support that will develop games for them. We know gaming is what keeps the console alive, and so connected, Xbox has tons of titles for all types of gamers.


Aside from Halo, Xbox doesn’t have any great games. It seems that they need to work more on software development rather than promoting or improving their gaming product.

These are the weaknesses and strengths of Xbox. I hope this information is enough to help you decide which one is the right one to buy. Always keep in mind that the true strengths of the game console lie in the eyes of the gamer, so choose wisely when looking for one.

Stay tuned for my final article on the weaknesses and strengths of game consoles. I will talk about another power called Playstation.

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