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How to Play EA’s NCAA 09 Basketball Game

Even if you’ve played every other previous installment in the NCAA March Madness series, you should know that 2008 NCAA 09 basketball is different from the rest. For one thing, the focus right now is on team selection and the pace of the game above all else. Here are some tips to help you understand this brand new but much improved game!

Game tempo

To play and win at NCAA 09 Basketball, you must know the preferred style of play of your chosen team. If you’ve opted for UCLA, you should know that it performs best with balanced plays between runs and half-court games. Memphis, however, is a run-and-shoot game, capable of performing miracles when adrenaline is pumping and the crowd is screaming its name.

Coaching advice

Thanks to an exclusive agreement between EA and the National Basketball Coaches Association, you can now receive important advice on how to play your game from NCAA Division I coaches. A meter will show whether you are playing at a slow, moderate, or fast pace of play. Pop-ups will reveal words of wisdom from your coaches, telling you how to better maintain, recover, or control the pace of the game.

Rival matches

Are you studying in Kansas? So you probably hate Mizzou and everything about her. Are you studying at Duke? So you probably hate anything to do with UNC. These rivalries add color to the league, and NCAA 09 Basketball takes this into account by adding a new opponent-focused matchmaking feature to the game.

When you choose the Rival game mode, you will be able to see which of your team’s rival schools are online. Select your opponent, fire up a match and you can kick the ball rolling!

Dynamic Post Play

New and improved post-game controls have been added to NCAA 09 Basketball to ensure that you are in the driver’s seat for every part of the game. Your big man also has more offensive and defensive options to choose from. As it stands, everything you need to win is delivered to you virtually on a silver platter; you just need to know the actual game strategies used by your chosen team.

A completely new recruitment system

The acclaimed recruiting system used in NCAA 08 Football has finally been applied to NCAA Basketball as well. Every time you finish a task set by alumni or team staff, you can improve player performance and unlock new facilities. Scouting reports will also help you determine the best recruits for your team.

As you can see, NCAA 09 Basketball is different in many things from its predecessors, but the changes are for the better, aren’t they?

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