This morning I woke up to the sad reality that another birthday had attacked me. It couldn’t be possible that another year had passed so quickly. As I lay there, I became aware of the sights and sounds of the countryside coming to life. Perched on the door outside my bedroom window, a blue bird chirped happily. A black bald newborn calf snuggled up against its mother for warmth. One of our stable cats was meowing at the front door in anticipation of breakfast. I covered my head with the blankets, still reluctant to get up and face the day. So the sunlight streaming through the window made it impossible to ignore the fact that it was time to get up and embrace the day. As I lowered the covers, I saw the brilliant sunrise. Beautiful shades of pink and orange were reflected in the few clouds on the horizon. So I began to reflect on my good fortune to be waking up in such a perfect place.

Instead of greeting a day filled with bumper-to-bumper traffic noise, blasting sirens, horns, and a myriad of other noises that we deal with on a daily basis in the city, I suddenly realized that for a moment I had taken my good luck for granted. waking up right where I wanted to be: the beautiful land of Hamilton County in central Texas. Suddenly, everything was right in the world and I was excited to get up and enjoy my day.

Whenever my husband and I decided to start looking for land for sale in Central Texas, we began our search in the area of ​​Texas ranch land in Bosque County, Texas, “Top of The Hill Country.” A friend owned a ranch near Cranfills Gap (a quaint little Norwegian town), and we really enjoyed our visits there. We quickly found our perfect 40 acre country getaway and for two years we made regular visits on weekends. Every Sunday in the middle of the afternoon, we got depressed because we knew we had to leave to go home and work in the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area. So we decided we wanted more land and decided to permanently move to the country. We soon found a ranch that fulfilled our dreams and now we have lived here since 2001.

I realize that we have no control over aging, but we can choose where we want to live when it happens. We choose to live in a place where we can slow down and enjoy the God-given gifts that nature has to offer, and our little piece of ranch land in central Texas fits the bill.

Think about it … if your work is computer oriented, you can work from anywhere there is high speed internet, including the country. Technology has finally brought high-speed Internet to remote places, and our home is one of them.

If the country lifestyle appeals to you, visit and we can help you find your dream.

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