The largest tech market on this planet is the mobile app ecosystem. There are almost 6 billion applications present in the mobile application stores. According to Statista, the total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 was 197 billion. All companies now admit that having a mobile application for their business is not just the investment, but the key to survival in the market. Now popular brands are using mobile apps for brand awareness to increase their sales and marketing. There are many mobile app trends to watch out for in 2018.

• Internet of things would continue

• Accelerated mobile pages

• Instant Android apps

• Mobile application security

• Cloud-based applications

• The Bots

• Mobile application on demand

Internet of Things

Both the Internet of Things and wearable applications are really important and will grow in 2018. Most of the Internet of Things (IoT) players are focusing on developing the mature and accessible IoT and wearable applications. Investment in the Internet of Things field will increase to 120 billion by 2020. The adoption of wearable technology in mobile applications is growing rapidly in the field of healthcare and domain manufacturing.

Accelerated mobile pages

The new way to improve your web page load time on mobile app devices is accelerated mobile pages. Accelerated mobile pages help you increase conversion rates, bounce rates, and CTR. It also provides you with the best user experience and visibility in mobile search engines. For businesses and online developers, accelerated mobile pages are really important. With AMP, your search engine rankings on mobile devices will change dramatically.

Instant Android Apps

Actually, without installing the application, you can view your Android application and its content is the new evolution in the application industry. Android Instant Apps are compatible with the latest versions of Android 5.0 to 8.0 studios. Vimeo has increased its app session duration by 140% in 2017 with the help of Android instant apps.

Mobile app security

The important security needs of mobile applications also arise on a daily basis, smartphones are handling more and more online transactions. Security measures for mobile applications should be taken early in the development stages, such as encrypting the code, protecting back-end APIs, using reputable payment gateways, and ultimately testing your application in all possible scenarios before putting it into operation for the application. Shop.

Cloud-based applications

Many mobile application development companies use cloud-based application development technology to enable them to perform more efficient operations and increase their productivity. The cloud-based application takes the data from the cloud and therefore this can be useful for both developers and owners because it reduces the load on internal memory.


The fastest growing technology is chatbots, as their marketing is growing at a rate of 36.12% and is expected to reach $ 8 billion in 2023. When combined with mobile applications, business chatbots they provide the best interaction for businesses. By 2019, 60% of US users are likely to interact with chatbots. The most popular chatbots developed so far are a weather forecaster, the Doctor, and his financial assistant. Many of the companies are now using chatbots to improve their customer interactions and sales.

Mobile applications on demand

On-demand mobile applications gained more popularity in 2018 as they make our lives easier. We can use on-demand applications anywhere. Most of the on-demand apps are in the category of food ordering, car cleaning, and laundry services. Popular on-demand mobile apps are Uber, Peapod, and Airbnb.

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