Not all sexual positions are the same. Some sexual positions give women greater stimulation and intense sexual pleasure. By knowing how to do these quick sex positions, your woman will find you arousing and will not forget you. Here you will learn to learn sexual positions that will have you in a depressed position, legs bent, open position and even in a rear entry position. Try these sex positions tonight!

Head down, legs up!

Have him lie down on the floor and raise his legs as high as possible so that they are perpendicular to the floor. Then grab her legs and get on your knees and get into her. Bring his knees to your shoulders and strike. Grab your hips slowly for more control and thrusting action!

Hanging missionary position

Have the child roll onto the foot of the bed on her back and tilt her head back. Then step up to her missionary style and smash yourself for her. As he thrusts she will slowly slide off the bed and her head, shoulders and arms will be on the floor as he thrusts inside her giving her orgasmic pleasure.

The pressed position

In this position, the woman supports her legs on the man’s shoulders while he bends them towards his chest. The man then enters her while pushing his legs forward for balance. Her vagina becomes smaller and you can stimulate more with your penis. If you have a short penis, try this!

Sex in the hot tub

If you want to get kinky in the hot tub, sit on the bench with your knees bent. And leave your arms relaxed outside the tub. Then have your girl climb on top of you and she will face you and lean towards you while sitting on your penis. Then she will straddle you and make you go crazy!

Try these sex positions to please her tonight and she will be begging for more!

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