One back pain relief product that has had some mixed reviews is DaVinci Tool Soft, which retails for around $ 17 on Amazon. People praise the product for its ability to release trigger points in the neck region, reduce calf cramps, and relieve overall neck tension. However, others criticize the product for its inability to maintain full body weight, treat sciatica, or make a noticeable difference in back pain. In general, this tool is designed to induce relaxation and to be used in more delicate areas, so if you want something tougher, you can try the DaVinci Tool Firm or the Body Back Buddy cane.

To use the DaVinci Tool Soft, lie down, place the device on the upper neck / base of the skull, and relax. You can place the tool in various places to relieve tension, relieve muscle spasms, or treat sore spots. Each side of the tool has different patterns to work on your back in slightly different ways. DaVinci is also commonly used by members to minimize hand cramps or fatigue.

DaVinci Tool Soft may not be stiff enough if you plan to work exclusively on the lumbar / mid-back areas, which are best served by the blue DaVinci Tool Firm. However, the Red Soft version is designed primarily for the delicate head and neck regions. It is also recommended that you use this tool in addition to the Body Back Buddy pole or the Spine-Worx Alignment System.

DaVinci Tool Soft has received some positive reviews for its use on neck pain, tension headaches, calf muscle pain, and skull strain. “I especially like how it can get under the shoulder blade,” says Douglas Figueredo of New York. “I’m using this product at the base of my skull to open up my cervical vertebrae,” explains R. Anderson from Southern California. “This is a great tool for pressure point therapy,” relates an anonymous reviewer from Washington DC, who adds: “[It] It also works very well for relieving neck tension that causes headaches. “

Several reviewers say that DaVinci Tool Soft is not as effective as other products they have tried. Consumers have mentioned the Body Back Buddy Cane, Spine-Worx Realignment System, Dr. Riter’s Real-Ease Neck Relaxer, DaVinci Tool Firm, or even tennis balls. Several reports mention that it is difficult to know how to use DaVinci as there are so few instructions. The general complaints are that it is “too mild” to really treat aches and pains or to maintain body weight. The DaVinci isn’t for everyone, but at $ 17 it could be a good stress-reducing travel companion.

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